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The Ultimate Predator!
You can catch any type of fish with a fly and one of the most exciting and largest growing areas of our sport is fly fishing for pike and other coarse fish.
Pike in particular have become an increasingly popular species for the fly angler and once you have hooked and played one of these amazing apex predators you'll understand why. 
We provide guided days fly fishing for pike on both rivers and still waters and can supply all the specialist equipment and flies required to target these fantastic fish.
We have access to a rarely fished private estate lake thet regulerly produces double figure fish and has seen upper 20's. We also offer tuition at Farmoor reservoir which has been stocked with a large number of pike who are now starting to reach a good size with fish over 30lbs 
The tactics and tackle required to catch these powerful but delicate fish are quite different from traditional trout fishing - flies are generally much larger and more difficult to cast, rods and lines are heavier, leaders are of a different construction and despite their fearsome 'fresh-water shark' reputation pike themselves require specialist handling to ensure they are released with the minimum of stress. 
As casting a large pike fly requires a reasonable level of casting competence we recommend pike fly fishing days for anglers with some previous fly fishing experience.
An Andy Grey Fly Fishing client with a large fly caught pike
Large fly caught pike from an Oxfordshire lake
Fly fishing for pike
Thames Pike
Fly Fishing Pike