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Andy Grey Fly Fishing

Fly fishing lessons, guiding and casting instruction in the heart of the Cotswolds

Pike Fly Fishing
Carp on the Fly
  1. A beautiful wild brown trout from a Cotswold stream
  2. Brown trout caught on the fly from the river Glyme
  3. A fly fisherman on the river Dickler
  4. A fisherman catches and releases a brown trout from the river Coln
  5. A brown trout from the river Stour
  6. A wild brown trout from the river Stour near Shipston on Stour
  7. Managing Director
  8. Managing Director
  9. A happy client with his first trout caught on the fly
  10. Managing Director
  11. Managing Director
  12. A grayling from the river Windrush
  13. Fly caught grayling from the river Windrush
  14. A large brown trout from the river Glyme
  15. Managing Director
  16. A hammerhead shark from the Indian Ocean
  17. A fisherman catches a rainbow trout
  18. Brown trout caught from the river Coln
  19. A client lands a rainbow trout from a Gloucestershire trout fishery
  20. A happy American client with his first British brown trout
  21. A lovely wild brown Cotswold trout
  22. A happy fly fisherman with his first trout
  23. A good rainbow trout from an Oxford fly fishery
  24. A river fisherman catching and releasing a brown trout
  25. A brown trout caught on a mayfly
  26. A large rainbow trout
  27. A large trout from the river Windrush
  28. Grayling fishing on the River Coln
  29. Grayling from the River Coln
  30. Catching a grayling from the Coln
  31. River Coln Grayling
  32. River Coln Grayling
  33. A grayling comes to the net
  34. Managing Director
  35. Cotswold Trout
  36. Cotswold Fly Fishers Grayling Day
  37. Catching a trout from the Rover Coln
  38. Fly Fishing on the River Coln
  39. Trout Fishing on the River Coln
  40. River Coln Trout
  41. Carp on the fly
  42. Managing Director
  43. River Test trout
  44. River Test grayling
  45. River Test brown trout
  46. Managing Director
  47. Managing Director
  48. Managing Director
  49. Blenhiem Palace Pike
  50. Managing Director
  51. River Coln grayling
  52. Managing Director
  53. Managing Director
  54. Managing Director
  55. Managing Director
  56. Managing Director
  57. River Avon Grayling
  58. River Coln trout
  59. River Coln Grayling