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Andy Grey Fly Fishing

Fly fishing lessons, guiding and casting instruction in the heart of the Cotswolds

Pike Fly Fishing
Carp on the Fly
Fly Fishing Techniques 
Modern Fly Fishing has developed into many diffrent methods since the early days of 'Wet' and 'Dry' fly fishing.
We can guide you through many of the modern techniques and teach you their diffrent benefits, when they are best used and suitable tackle and techniques to get the best from them.
We can give expert tuition on the following fly fishing methods
Still water and lake fishing
Dry Fly Fishing
Traditional Dry Fly Fishing
Fishing with multiple flys
Buzzer Fishing
Nymph Fishing
Czech Nymphing
New Zealand and Duo Style Fly Fishing
French Nymphing
Short Leader nymphing
Sunk Line Fishing
Streamer Fishing
Ideal for Experienced and New Anglers
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