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Andy Grey Fly Fishing

Fly fishing lessons, guiding and casting instruction in the heart of the Cotswolds

Pike Fly Fishing
Carp on the Fly
Fly Casting Lessons in Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire
Fly Casting is the cornerstone of Fly Fishing and a Fly Casting lesson with a qualified instructor will get complete novice Fly Casters up and running in a few hours as well as helping existing Fly Casters to iron out faults, improve their casting and learn new Fly Casting skills such as double hauling for increased distance, roll and jump casts, presentation river casts and specialist casts such as Spey Casting which can prove invaluable when fly fishing on rivers and in confined areas.
We can teach the following types of fly casting
Roll Cast
Overhead Cast
Double Haul
Jump Roll
Single Spey Cast
Double Spey Cast
Snake Roll
Wiggle Cast
Aerial Mends
Water Mends
Pile Cast
Change of Direction Casts
Presentation Casts
Catch Cast
Accuracy Casting
Distance Casting
Curved Cast
Oval Cast
Tuck Cast
Ideal for Experienced and New Anglers
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