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 Cotswold Fly Fishing Locations

 Please contact us for more info on the listed venues or to discuss some of the many other options for your fly fishing day

 River Coln

 The River Coln is a limestone river that runs through the county of  Gloucestershire. Rising near Brockhampton it follows a southeasterly path  through the Cotswold hills flowing through the picturesque towns and  villages that characterize this beautiful area before joining the river Thames  near Lechlade.
 Trout and grayling are found through its entire length and we can offer fly  fishing a variety of stretches on what is considered to be the best trout river  in the Cotswolds.
 The river Coln has excellent insect hatches and can fish equally well during  both the trout and grayling seasons.
 Fly fishing on this river is suitable for anglers of all abilities. 

River Coln

 Salford Trout Lakes

 Salford Trout Lakes are situated in a rural location near the Cotswold  market town of Chipping  Norton.
 Consisting of 2 regularly stocked mature lakes the fishery offers excellent  fly fishing for brown, blue and rainbow trout in a  wonderful countryside setting.
 This fishery is the ideal venue to learn how to fly fish or hone your skills as  an existing fly fisher.
 Both lakes have an abundance of natural fly life and a spectacular mayfly  hatch through late May into early June
 Fly fishing at this fishery is suitable for anglers of all abilities.

Salford Trout Lakes

 River Windrush

River Windrush Trout Fishing

 The River Windrush is a typical Cotswold limestone river running for  35 miles from its source near Guiting Power until it reaches the Thames at  Newbridge in Oxfordshire.
 Trout are present through its entire length along with very good numbers of  roach, chub, dace, barbel, perch and pike. 
 The mayfly hatch on the Windrush is particularly spectacular and if you  fish this river during a mayfly hatch you can have an excellent days fishing. 
 Fly fishing on this river is more suited to experienced anglers.

 River Stour

River Stour

 Warwickshire’s river Stour is a bit of an undiscovered gem of a trout stream.
 Rising near Hook Norton it flows north to the Warwickshire Avon through  unspoilt countryside. The river has a good head of wild trout and whilst it  rarely runs gin-clear there are good hatches of up-wing and sedge flys plus a  very good mayfly hatch appearing around mid-May. It also has a hatch of  early-season stonefly, the Febuary Red which is a very unusual insect for  the Cotswolds.
 Best fished early in the season this river offers challenging but rewarding fly  fishing for anglers looking for a new and little fished river.
 This river is more suited to experienced anglers.

 Sherbourne Brook

Sherborne Brook
 Sherbourne Brook is a real undiscovered jewel of Cotswold trout fishing. A  small river Windrush tributary, it is only a few miles in length but holds more  than it's fair share of wild brown trout.
 Running crystal-clear throughout the season it offers the more skilled  angler an opportunity to sight-fish for rising and nymphing fish on either the  broader main sections (pictured) or test their skill in the narrow wooded  runs. 
 As with most Cotswold rivers, there is very good natural fly life with upwing  and sedge flys hatching throught the season and of course a fantastic  mayfly hatch.
 This river is more suited to experienced anglers.

 River Itchen

River Itchen Grayling
 We have recently obtained access to a private beat on the River Itchen for      winter Grayling fishing. The Itchen is one of the most famous British chalk  
streams and is a bucket-list destination for fly fishers.
Please contact us for more information.

 This river is suitable for anglers with some previous fly fishing experience.

 Farmoor Reservoir

Known for its top quality trout fishing we offer guided days for both trout and pike fishing on this well known venue. Following the stocking of a large number of pike into the reservoir the fish are packing on the pounds and can be fly fished for.
Please contact us for more information.

 This venue is suitable for anglers with some previous fly fishing experience.
Farmoor Fly Caught Pike